Safety Features

Certified boat masters license from All India YATCH association.
Certified for rescue operations in mid-seas.

BlueWater operates from the Chennai Port equipped with an exclusive rescue boat and captain on stand-by.

Sport Fishing enthusiasts would be glad to note that Bluewaters - Chennai Sport Fishing has added another professional boat - Mercury 4-stroke twin engines with 40 Horse Power, imported from USA.

Two modern ultra-powered boats, includes,
27footer boat with deep V hull for added stability
24 footer boat with deep V hull for added stability

The boats comprises of two separate wiring harness powered by independent batteries to ensure backup power, enabling safe return to the shores (Incase of engine failure in mid-seas, the backup batteries would power the boats to safety)

The onboard Navy grade VHF radio linked to Chennai Port and Yacht Club channels with a base contact upto 50km radius, is continuously monitored, ensuring safety and security of the guests.

Handheld GPS for identifying the natural reefs, which in-turn enables to locate the school of fishes which harbour around the natural reefs. In addition, the GPS also helps to Navigate safely.

Fire extinguishers onboard

First Aid Kit & trained staff

People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on the charter.

No alcohol allowed on the charter

No Smoking

US Coast Guard approved life jackets - PFD (Personal Flotation Device) will be provided to each and every guest on the boat. It is mandatory for everyone on the boat to wear a life jacket at all times.

Safety of guests is paramount for Bluewaters and we expect everyone on the boat to strictly adhere to the Captain’s instructions.

BlueWaters expects guests to strictly avoid abusive language either with the staff or co-adventurists.

Abusive behaviour whilst the sport fishing adventure / on the boat is unacceptable and subject to legal consequences and penalties.In the even of any untoward incident, guests will be off-boarded without any refund.

People with any medical condition that doesn’t approve of a sporting adventure, including those with a weak heart / Epilepsy / Nausea/ post-surgical trauma, or with Phobias are instructed to seek medical advise prior to taking on this sport fishing adventure.

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