Social Responsibility

BlueWaters is passionate about environment conservation and works towards maintaining the ecological balance through various awareness programs, best practices and advocacy.

BlueWaters also has actively participated in many social service initiatives and undertaken social responsibilities, including;

Patrolling the high seas with US NAVY

Patrolling the Maritime borders along with US NAVY, during the US NAVY training sessions in the high seas off-the-coast of Chennai.

This is a feather-in-the-cap for BlueWaters, as the US NAVY chose a private independent service provider to partner with to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance trips in the high seas.

Underwater Internet Cable laying for Reliance JIO

BlueWaters team was also a part of laying the underwater internet cables coming from Singapore in deep sea for Reliance Jio. A daunting task assisting deep sea divers, professional technicians and maritime logistics for effective laying of the cable.

Rescue Operations during Chennai Floods

BlueWaters team of professionals swung into action during the floods in Chennai with catamarans, inflated boats, life saving equipments, F&B supplies for the victims affected by floods.

The rescue mission was voluntary and spontaneous, which gathered a lot of momentum with support from fishermen and locals.

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