Frequently Asked Questions

Questions most of the people asked all the time

What time do the expeditions take place?

Matching the tide with other factors of fishing would be the right way to get the best of your day. However, if early morning is possible, along with favourable tides, then one should do the 6am trip. The evening is also one of the finest for all species, but be prepared for a sea sprayed fishing trip. For the best results on your trip ask BLUEWATERS to plan it out for you.

What should the sport enthusiasts carry for the expedition?

A cap and a suntan lotion. If you experience sea sickness or allergic, then carry the medicines prescribed by your physician. Drinking water will be provided on board. If you need light snacks,kindly order in advance, so that Team Bluewaters can arrange it, which would be charged extra.

Can we bring back the fish that we angle?

We at Bluewaters encourage 100% release of all species to protect the environment and maintain the ecosystem. Nevertheless, alternate arrangements will be made through commercial fishing operators to present you with fish to be carried home.

Can we bring back the fish that we angle?

BlueWaters takes utmost care to ensure the safety of its guests, while offering a memorable sportfishing experience. Guests are requested to wear the life jackets at all times. The support vessel, on standby for rescue operations, is on our radio frequency and can reach at a short notice. Ultimately, natural accidents owing to adverse weather or other conditions cannot be avoided altogether. But all measures are taken to provide the best possible security to our guests.

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